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Land eviction leads to rejection

By Gagah Alam

Some time ago, news portals were shocked by cases of feuds between residents of Bojong Koneng Village, Bogor Regency, West Java and Sentul City, over land evictions. One of the most striking of this case is named, Ade Emon. A resident of Bojong Koneng Village, who was quite proactive in going out to the field, rejected the eviction of residents’ land carried out by PT Sentul City.

Ade emon was involved in campaigning against the eviction of land belonging to activist Rocky Gerung in Bojong Koneng Village. According to one of the lawyers involved in this case, the eviction of land by PT. Sentul City in the Bojong Koneng Village area itself is full of violations of the law and human rights, because it can cause environmental damage such as floods and landslides.

The Ade Emon case began in October 2021. On that day, a number of people damaged the Bojong Koneng Village Office, Babakan Madang related to the eviction of land carried out by PT. Sentul City, in Bojong Koneng. The police then arrested a number of people, one of whom was Ade Emon.

The head of Bojong Koneng Village, Rusdi Anwar, at that time said that residents had damaged public facilities owned by the government. He regretted the actions taken by the residents. This incident resulted in the destruction of a number of village facilities as a result of this vandalism, ranging from glass, tables, to several other light facilities.

Source: KumparanNews