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New PPKM Level 3 Regulations JABODETABEK and Bali

BY Gagah Alam

The increase in the omicron virus in Indonesia has forced the government to respond swiftly, one of which is by raising the status of a number of regions to PPKM Level 3. This policy occurred not because of the high number of cases, but because of the low number of tracing. Increased care in several hospitals, became one of the drivers of making this policy.

This latest policy is stated in the Minister of Home Affairs No. 7 of 2022. Valid for the next 2 weeks or until February 21, 2022.

The following are the latest regulations in the Level 3 PPKM area:

– 100% or 75% export-oriented industry with complete records of vaccinated employees.
– Supermarket activities are open until 21.00 WIB, 50% capacity
– The people’s market is open until 20.00 WIB, 60% capacity
– Malls are open until 21.00 WIB, 60% capacity, children less than 12 years old at least the first dose of vaccine
– Playgrounds and children’s entertainment areas may be open with a capacity of 35%. Children less than 12 years old are required to have at least the first dose of vaccine.
– Warteg and snack stalls open until 21.00 WIB, maximum 60%
– Restaurants and cafes open until 21.00 WIB, maximum 60%
– Cinemas may be open, children under 12 years old may enter with a note that at least 1 dose has been vaccinated
– Places of worship with a capacity of 50%
– Public facilities and cultural arts 25%
The Ministry of MarVes, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, asked all parties to comply with these rules. He emphasized that violators will be punished according to applicable regulations.

There are several sanctions that have been regulated, such as, business actors or companies that violate the provisions on capacity, quota, and operational time will be subject to administrative sanctions until closure. Meanwhile, for individuals who violate the provisions during PPKM Level 3, the sanctions include:

KUHP Articles 212 to 218. Article 212 for example stipulates, sanctions in the form of imprisonment for a maximum of one year and four months or a maximum fine of Rp. IDR 9 thousand. In addition to a number of articles in the Criminal Code, individual violators in the PPKM, can also be subject to Article 14 of Law Number 4 of 1984 concerning Outbreaks of Infectious Diseases.

In the case of someone obstructing the control of an infectious disease outbreak, he or she can be sentenced to a maximum imprisonment of 1 year and/or a maximum fine of Rp. 1 million.

Source:, KumparanNews
Writer&Editor : Gagah Alam