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Covid-19 Vaccinations and Liability Under Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act BY Jennifer Maxwell Under Illinois law, generally, purely voluntary acts are not compensable. However, under the Good Samaritan Doctrine, voluntary acts can be deemed to remain within the course of employment. However, applying that doctrine to voluntary Covid-19 vaccinations would be a stretch. The Illinois Workers’ […]

New PPKM Level 3 Regulations JABODETABEK and Bali

New PPKM Level 3 Regulations JABODETABEK and Bali BY Gagah Alam The increase in the omicron virus in Indonesia has forced the government to respond swiftly, one of which is by raising the status of a number of regions to PPKM Level 3. This policy occurred not because of the high number of cases, but […]

Land eviction leads to rejection

Land eviction leads to rejection By Gagah Alam Some time ago, news portals were shocked by cases of feuds between residents of Bojong Koneng Village, Bogor Regency, West Java and Sentul City, over land evictions. One of the most striking of this case is named, Ade Emon. A resident of Bojong Koneng Village, who was […]